Zoe’s Roaccutane Diary – Day 12

Thought I’d do a wee update now – I’m going away this weekend so won’t have a chance to post on day 14..

I forgot to say what my dosage was in my last post – I’m on 30 mg a day. I have an appointment at the hospital in a couple of weeks so I’m guessing they’ll increase my dosage then.

Week 2 hasn’t been too bad. I had a breakout of whiteheads a couple of days ago – I’m not sure if this was because of the roaccutane or if it would have happened anyway – but it disappeared quite quickly. Skin is marginally better than usual… a bit smoother but still very spotty.

Eyes are still very dry but I’ve been using Optrex eye drops which work rather well. I’ve been able to wear my contact lenses more often as a result.

The weather here has been amazing this week and I’ve spent quite a lot of time lazing in the park. I also gave into temptation and treated myself to a pear cider (my doctor said 2-3 units a couple of times a week is OK, so not to worry!). Didn’t have any problems with my skin in the sun (I wore suncream anyway), although my lips felt very burny and sore for a good while afterwards. I may need to purchase some lip-suncream! They’ve been drying out a lot faster this week, so I’m layering on the Carmex/Blistex.

Nothing else to report! Hope this good weather continues

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