Zoe’s Roaccutane Diary – The End

Took my last dosage of roaccutane yesterday!  I had an appointment on Friday and although my face and back aren’t 100% clear, I’m finishing the course.  Apparently the drug stays in your system and continues to work a good while after you’re finished, and I’m also being prescribed a gel to help finish it off.  Fingers crossed it does!

A few points, now that I’m finished:

- For me, roaccutane produced minimal side effects – all I’ve really had to deal with is dry lips.  And nipple cream works nicely, glad I followed the advice on here!

- One of the biggest turn-offs of going on roaccutane was, for me, the lack of alcohol (what can I say, I’m Scottish!).  At the time, I worked in a bar, which didn’t help!  When I first started the drug, I didn’t drink at all.  Then I began drinking very occasionally.  Eventually though, I started drinking normally, including a few very heavy nights!  I’ve had no problems.

- Roaccutane produced very minimal results for the first 2 months of treatment.  During my 3rd month, I went on a month-long trip to Thailand and stopped applying (Simple, Replenishing) moisturiser or wearing makeup.  My skin improved very quickly.  Connected?  Possibly.  At the start of my course, I decided to take a preventative approach to tackle dry skin, by moisturising every day (not something I did prior to the course).  Perhaps this wasn’t needed, and just reduced the effectiveness of the drug.

I’ll post again to report on how effective that gel was!  I want clear skin, dammit!

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