Dry Lips – Carmex – Better than Vaseline and Blistex

Ive been on roacc for 3 weeks now, alongside steroids to reduce possible inflamation. Progress is slowish, but my skin is smoother. However, i still get dry skin on my arms and lips.

CARMEX is the way forward. Its about £3 for a little pot but it is amazing. Vaseline will stop the air getting to them, and Blistex will soothe them, but Carmex does both. No joke, I suggest you get some asap! I forgot mine going out one day and my lips were awful, i plastered it on overnight and by morning they had healed again.

Also I suggest gently exfoliating your lips on a towl after showering. This removes the dead skin on top, and stops it drying and cracking painfully in the day.

I hope this helps! Its just Ive seen so many posts complaining about lips being the major worry, thought I should share the knowledge!

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