Andria-Roaccutane Week 4

Hmmm where to start?!

Well the reason I haven’t updated for a while was because I was seeing a lot of improvement in my skin and didnt want to jinx myself! (as sad as that sounds) by coming on here and saying it was better!

But alas, I had breakouts anyway so it doesnt matter lol.  ok so whats happened in week quatre….

Week 4

Saw a lot of improvement, one or two new spots over the week but no cysts.  Old spots were starting to flatten and leave their lovely red mark but i was fine with that as i was just so happy with the smoothness!  Saw my derm and she increased my dose to 60mg a day and prescribed me Dermol 500 moisturiser which is similar to E45 and comes in the biggest tub ever lol.  She said it was specifically for skin problems and contained antibacterial agents which will sooth the irritation or something.  Has anyone else been prescribed this? apparently you can use it as a cleanser too.  i find it ok, but not anything special and it has the same greasiness as E45.

this was the week that i also developed the horrendous hand rash. first of all it started with flesh coloured bumps dotted around but now it has manifested itself into full blown eczema that covers both hands! its officially the itchiest thing i have ever experienced in my life! it actually woke me up the other morning. have been told to use the Dermol on it but it seems to be doing sweet FA.  so not particularly loving the fact i went to my derm with ONE skin condition and now 6 weeks in have TWO! lol


not only that but the nurse that took my blood really hurt me and subsequently i have an attractive bruise at least 6cm long down the main vein in my arm!

soooo what with the acne, eczema and arm length bruise im feeling HOT

will now upload week 5!

good luck everyone!

andria xx

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