Andria-Roaccutane week 5

Week 5

oh my god worst week of my life.  since my dosage was increased my mood seriously plummeted.  weds-sat was like i didnt exist as a person, i was VERY VERY depressed. i didnt get out of bed for the majority of the time, didnt get dressed, didnt really eat and just sat in my room and cried constantly for four days. where all this fluid for tears came from god knows!  funny thing is is that i couldnt tell you what i was crying about, my skin was better than it was at the beginning of treatment yet i felt the worst i had ever felt. i couldnt understand it, it was like i just didnt care about anything.  luckily my mum was on hand to remind me that this wasnt what i was feeling, it was what the tablets were making me feel.  im fine now, but realise im going to have up and down days, which ill get over. so anyone who feels down at the moment, believe me YOU’RE NOT ALONE!

Skin wise Ive constantly been breaking out this week, but they arent very big and theyre mostly at the very edges of my face and jawline (maybe the acne is dispersing sideways…??lol who knows)

my mood is better and im planning work for april in the hope ill be near enough spot free. had to turn down a few jobs this month includng a fitness dvd and a fashion show which im really frustrated about but at the end of the day its going to get better so i need to think positive! 

sidre effects have gotten worse since my dose was upped. my eyes are really scratchy at night and when i get up in the morning i have to literally sit there a few minutes and blink excessively cos theyre almost stuck together! using eyedrops though so it should be manageable.

my face has majorly dried out this week, im putting two thick layers of Dermol moisturiser on morning and night and my skin is STILL crusty and flaky.  havent worn make-up since the increased flakiness (as ive shut myself off indoors!) so god knows how bad itll look with foundation on!  Surprisingly my lips havent been as bad as previous weeks, maybe theyre just getting used to it.  headaches come and go but not often, ooh had very random achey inner thigh muscles yday which was very odd as i havent done exercise since january haha. couldnt really explain that one other than it must be accutane cos i certainly havent been lunging my way around my flat…

oh yeah if anyone is looking for a good make-up id recommend Dermablend.  i ordered some off the internet and tried it on a small part of my scars the other day and it worked beautifully! and it doesnt look cakey, to be honest after a while i couldnt tell where id put it on-gotta be good!

its specifically meant for people with scars, rosacea and pigmentation and it also covers tattoos.

when i go out im going to combine it with Estee Lauder Double Wear to get maximum effect!

hope evryone is well, wuld love to hear from everyone else’s experiences!

andria xx 

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