Andria Roaccutane Week 6 and QUESTION!

im now into week 7 of my treatment at 60mg a day.

this week has been a lot better and have realised with make-up it actually doesnt look THAT bad. the redness i see from the scars fools me into thinking its worse than it is but with the camouflage make-up i mentioned in my last post i can actually go out in public! yay!

so for now, i have crept out of rehab (aka my bedroom) and am venturing out into the big wide world again..

the rash on my hands seems to be easing off thank god and my body seems to have gotten used to the dryness.

i had my first glass of wine since new years eve and my god did i enjoy it! even felt a bit hyper aferwards!

also gonna go on the sunbed this week too-not for too long though, probably half of what i used to go on and see how it goes. iv never burnt in my life so hopefully i wont start now! ok that all sounds like im being a right rule-breaker but i think ill go mad without a small glass of Rose and a cheeky sunbed every few weeks!

my scars are really evident at the moment and getting me down more than anything cos i know no matter how much roaccutane does for me itll never get rid of them.  at the moment i have LOTS of red marks-almost covering both cheeks and some of these marks are shallow pits.  so i was wondering if anyone knows if these pits will fade with time like the red marks apparently do? the red marks disappear because the skin sheds layers over time so does the same apply to the pits? they’ll decrease?! ahhh please help!

hope everyone is good and seeing improvement, keep positive.


andria xx



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