So, I joined this site a long long time ago and it’s changed quite a bit!!!

Well my story is that I tried EVERYTHING under the sun for my terrible acne, which made my self esteem hit an all time low and I avoided social situations like the plague. I couldn’t go on like this. I HATED my picture being taken and i envied those friends I had with ‘flawless’ skin and got angry and those pathetic people who made such a drama out of getting a tiny tiny spot.

I put off going to see the Derm. I don’t know why, I just didn’t want it to be confirmed to me that I didn’t have acne, I wanted to believe it wasn’t there but the truth is IT WAS!! So i went to the derm and they did all these test things, put me on the pill for 4 weeks (Dianette) it was called. Then after that I was put on a low dose of Roaccutane and then eventually in the end i was on 60mg a day (around 3 tablets i day i think)??

I hated having blood tests every few weeks but i knew in the end it will be all worth it. I noticed improvements early on. The red face and dry skin got on my nerves a bit. Wearing foundation became useless after a few weeks, with it just flaking off and making things look worse so i stopped wearing it – something i never thought i’d do. This helps alot!!!!!

I moisturised a lot and I will never forget my lips being the worse and going scabby and horrible but vaseline worked a treat – i went through tins of the stuff! and also simple moisturiser, e45 creme and palmers body butter were all so helpful.

I came off Roaccutane last year around May/June time and I had started the drug in January.

I just wanted to share you my story and tell you that it all will be okay. I am left with a few tiny tiny scars i think the derm said they’re known as “ice pick” scars or soemthing like that :S nothing a bit of foundation won’t cover.

My skin started to look healthy again, i can remember nearly crying my eyes out when the derm called me in and said “i think we’re going to stop your treatment now, see how you get on” She showed me the pictures I had when I first started and I could not believe that was me, I could NOT believe it!

So guys, keep going, honestly it will be all worth it. It any of you ever want to privately talk to me about anything your worried about message or e-mail me or comment this post, i’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

I met my boyfriend I’ve been with for a year now, around 2/3 weeks after I came off the drug, it’s given me a new life and I can finally look at myself in the mirror.

Good luck to you all, keep smiling xx

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