1 month done!

Just got back from my hospital appt to see the Derm nurse. My blood tests were all fine and my liver hasn’t been affected so I’m pleased plus I don’t have to have anymore until the end of my treatment.
I told the nurse about this site and also the Aquaphor balm and she said she would recommend it to her other patients.
My skin has been quite bad with several spots on my face,jaw and my neck. I also have an itchy rash on my neck which she said is another side effect – joy!
She said I wouldn’t see a huge improvement until about 8 weeks :-(
I still get massive headaches and have an achy back and big toe joints but she said just to take painkillers.
Unfortuanately one of my biggest faults is I always squeeze any large spots, I know I shouldn’t but I can’t bear the swollen feeling. Covering them has been a challenge as the scabs always peel in the afternoon as my skin dries but bare skin isn’t an option when I’m at work.
Luckily my scalp and body are only feeling a bit dry so with only my face to deal with
I’m trying to remain positive,12 weeks to go……….
Hope everyone else who reads this site is bearing up!
Louise x

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