6 weeks on……………

Hi everyone
I’m now 6 weeks into my treatment but sadly my skin is worse than ever. I’m just about coping with the side effects of dry skin, eyes, nose, aches and pains etc but not with the ever appearing spots.
If anyone is further ahead than me, did your skin get worse with acne and when did it improve?
My Derm nurse said a few people get worse but I didn’t think it could be this bad as my skins surface is so dry and I’m using oil free products.
The spots are all around my lower cheeks and jaw line and scab which makes them a pain to conceal as the skin peels by midday so I feel a constant mess at work :-(
Also I got caught out in the sun this weekend as i was working outside. I’d used Simple Sun protector face cream and my body was completely covered but I actually burnt the backs of my hands and my scalp where my parting is and it’s so painful. I warn anyone that when we do get proper sun be very careful,I will be wearing a hat or bandana in future!
Hope everyone’s ok? 10 weeks to go!
Louise x


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