It’s still not working

Well I’m on to week 8 of taking 70mg daily of Isotretinoin and I’m still breaking out…………
Just as I thought the large spots of my cheeks and jaw were starting to dry out and disappear more are appearing beneath the skin. In fact it’s worse than before my treatment.
I’m truely starting to think this treatment is not working for me as my Derm nurse and every website I’ve read say that most people break out worse Initially but it settles down after a couple of weeks, but it’s been 8 for me and it hasn’t settled aaaaaaaagggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t have any spots my body thankfully,they are all slap bang on my face. I’ve had the worst week ever having to face people at work with these huge crusty spots. My face skin is so fragile and my lips have gone from just dry to burning and I’m paranoid about sunburn so despite this glorious weather I know I have to cover up.

I am feeling very stressed again,the tablets make me feel about 90 and the side effects are really cr*p! I’m sure my poor husband must be sick of me moaning about how awful I look and feel :-(
My next hospital appt in next Thursday but to be honest I don’t think I can do another 8 weeks as unless I see a rapid improvement as the side effects and stress are getting to me big time.

If anyones skin got worse and took ages before their treatment worked but are now honestly spot free, help?!
Apologies to all for my negative blog :-(
Louise x

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