Start on Monday!

Just about to start a 20mg course of Roaccutane and am completely terrified if I’m totally honest.

I’ve had acne for almost 10 years now and no-one has ever taken me seriously as it’s never been that severe. My friends always say, ‘I’ve never noticed your skin’, to which I reply “it’s called MAC”. I’ve been on Dianette for sometime now but started to develop migranes at which point it was decided I should try Roaccutane.

Not only do the potential side effects worry me but so does the reaction of my friends and colleagues when the side effects kick in. I feel completely under-prepared, not sure there is a way to prepare myself but I am going to continue with a diary and stock up with creams etc with recommendations from surviving roaccutane but not sure what else to do. I’ve noticed a couple of people say it’s best to take the tablets with a fatty meal – can anyone recommend the type of foods that are the best as I’m aware I should also avoid these?

I feel a little silly being so apprehensive as I’ve longed for treatment to finally rid me of my lumpy painful skin (which is heavily scarred now).

Am grateful this site exists as I have a feeling I will be using it regularly!!

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