BBC Programme to be aired next Monday about Roaccutane

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So I got a call from my mum today and she was checking that I was feeling well and happy still – turns out there’s been a bit about Roaccutane in the media lately. Next week on BBC 3 there’s a programme about Roaccutane going to be shown, in the light of a young British man who did suffer from the rare side effect of depression and did in fact commit suicide – his family of course were devastated and are campaigning to have the drug banned.

I am NOT posting this to scaremonger by the way; we all know that Roaccutane can be a dangerous drug but it is still very rare that people are affected that badly, but for most it is just a little bit of hardship which changes our lives positively. It would be perhaps an interesting watch though; the blurb of the programme seems to indicate it will look at the positives as well, however as it’s entitled ‘Dying for Clear Skin’ I think I can see where the bias may be.

It will probably highlight as well the importance of talking to people if you do start to feel low whilst on Roaccutane – even if you just feel a bit down, talking helps and being fully aware of your mood and putting everything into perspective is really important. I remember when I would have some really low moods on my first course, sometimes just taking a breather and remembering that you’re taking some powerful medication and it will be worth it in the end.

It’ll be interesting to see the results of this documentary anyway … knowing BBC 3 I doubt it’ll be the most sophisticated watch ….



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