4 Weeks done, 12 to go!

Hey everyone!

Well yesturday I finished my first four weeks of Roaccutane and Ive gotta say I’m feeling pretty good! I have definetely noticed a change in my skin, I havent really had any new spots ive literally just developed rather red, flaky cheeks. My chin is also quite dry but I can put up with this. Anything gotta be better than large bulbous spots!

I do have spots still, of course, but they are not too obvious and I just looked kind of flush a lot of the time. My family have commented that my face looks better which is great, and I went out to see my fiancee without wearing any form of make up for the first time yesturday, and I felt great.

I still have quite a few weeks to go but if these are the results after the first four weeks then I am feeling rather positive about it all!

The only issues I have had with the roaccutane was drinking. I was a bit rebellious and had a few drinks over Christmas, only once did I have more than I think I should, and I felt that my skin did sort of react to this. But then my skin reacted to alcohol before I was taking the tablets so I kind of expected it. So now its a new year, and Im not having any alcohol until im done. I really hope its worth it all in the end.

Too anyone concerned about starting roaccutane, my advice is go for it! I was terrified, but you never know unless you try :)

Happy New Years guys!

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