Struggling after 12 weeks!!!

Hey guys….found this site by accident tonight glad i have done now as it has reassured me that i’m not going off my rocker!!! Currently on week 12 with 60mg dosage and to be honest i have had the worst Christmas time ever….I am constantly moody, dont want to speak to or be near ppl but because i know its these drugs i feel i need to force myself to make an effort which is very draining. I am also finding it hard to do my job, i work in a contact centre where having to speak to ppl all day is just about to push me over the limit and i have been feeling i no longer want to live but then normality comes back over me again and brings me to my senses. Don’t want to let the docs know as then i’m sure they will take me off them. Also got all the usual side effects my nose is full of dried blood all the times/very dry skin and lips like everyone else so heres hoping this will pass and not get any worse. Back to work tomorrow so see how it goes but dreading it :o (…..sorry for the moan!!!


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