Roaccutane- cure or poison, we will see..

Hey! First of all i will apologize for my grammar beacuse i don’t speak english very well. I am here for some support, to tell everyone who is interested in what is going on with me, while i am drinking Accutane. I am fighting with Acne for a 6 years.. Diagnose is Acne conglobata. I am scared because i drink accutane, i heard bad things about this drug. but, my opinion ist that every drug (medicine) helps, but at the same time it makes damages to the body. This is 15 day since i have started drinking accutane. First few days i was nervous, crying a lot, little bit agressive. 4th day stareted with dry lips and skin. I had less infected left cheek then right, and i see a big improvement on the left cheek. I have just scares and redness. Write you more soon!


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