Week 2- details

So, I must mention that my family don’t like for me to drink Roaccutane, so everything depends from my blood test results, which I am doing for 10-15 days.. Like I have said, my lips are are so dry- I can’t handle it. I had some panic attack first few days, I cried a lot, but that is because of the fear. My problem is sugar. I eat candies too much, especially for holidays, these days. Could somebody tell me, is that going to affect on liver? I am eating whole grains, and drinking something for good blood. (it’s some plant, but I don’t know how to translate it’s name- “kopriva”)

I drink a lot of water.. Soon I am having my practice, and I don’t know what to expect because I am so tired.. I had pain in chest, and i heard that I should drink a glass of water with every medicine I take..(example:5 pils-5 glasses of water) Also, I feel like I have no energy, and I have pain in lower back.. As I mentioned the left side of cheek is much better than left. When I got menstruation, I had huge pains. I was in bed two days.. If you have some suggestions I will be happy to hear them! Write you next week!


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