My 26 day, problems

Hey, here I am again. First of all, I must say that I feel better these days! I don’t know, I think that everything is in our mind.. So I decided to not worry.. I didn’t count pimples, I didn’t look in the mirror every 5 minutes (that is my advice). I just let my skin to be better. I won’t lie. This is very danger medicine.. In a week, I will do my blood test, then I will see the damage. We will see. Um, I am drinking all those things I mentioned in the previous post. Also I started drinking “surutka” (that is a leftover from milk, I don’t know how to translate it). It stinks horrible, but it’s cleaning liver very good. Sometimes I just couldn’t drink it, so I don’t know how much “surutka” will help me in cleaning liver this month. My face already look much better. Still I have infection on the right cheek. Under my eyes, skin looks fresh and smooth. I am happy with that. Left side of cheek is very good. I have one new on chin, nothing special. Skin is drying, my back are looking good, they are also dry. Did my initial breakout past? I am hoping, but I am not very sure.

Products I have been using till now:

Oil for hair(against drying and damaging)

Cream which is hidrating (did i spell that good?) face.

Lip balsam- I can’t live without it now. Oh yes, advice- Don’t use vaxing (for hairs), at all!

My BIG PROBLEM IS PRACTICING. I am so sad, my back are in pain, I can’t jump at all. But, I didn’t want to give up, so I went on the practice, I couldn’t hit the ball, I couldn’t jump.. At the half practice my right knee started to hurt. Did anyone had these problems? Should I give up sport? Please for advice. Sorry for my grammar, again. If you have some questions feel free to ask. Kisses :)


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