Has anybody else had similiar side effects?

Hey all, Ive nearly finished my 7th week on 40mg per day of Roacc, and now have some new symptoms. I just wanted to see if anyone else has had similiar side effects? I’m seeing my Nurse next week so Ill mention it to her then too.

I currently have quite a sore back pain whenever I lie down, it hurts to lie on my back and side at times. I have a red rash with tiny spots in it on both of my hands (the back of my hands), my left hand is more painful, sore and itchy. I also have small rashes that itch on my arms (dont know if this is a type of eczema maybe?). Thats all really, everything else is still what id expect i.e. REALLY dry lips (I have Carmez constantly), a very dry face, am getting some light eczema looking patches on my cheeks, and my nose and forehead are really flaky too.

Anyway, felt a bit down with it but I feel so much better when ive moisturised my face and covered my arms with e45 cream.

Hope everyones journeys are going well :)

Aimee x

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