Just thought id let you all know about my first month on roaccutane – i begin my second month on tuesday! time has flown by.

Week 1 – The side effects really did hit me the morning after i took my first pill – i had servere headaches, backache and dandruff! From this i thought i had a long journey ahead of me, but within 4-5 days this all settled down.

Week 2 – This was the week my initial breakout overtook my face. It was really bad!! Like somthing i hadnt had in ages. I took days of sixthform just waiting for it to clear! – thankfully it did within 3-4 days. My skin had been the best it had ever been within this week. I knew it wouldnt last though. Side effects that week were only mild back pain, dry lips and finidng it extermely hard to sleep at night!

Week 3 – Another mini breakout with painful spots on my chin and side of my cheeks, ouch! I was also experiencing hairloss, not serious, but more than usual. It was quite worrying. I purchased some t-gel shampoo which seemed to do the trick. My hair doesnt really seem to be coming out anymore.

Overall, i seem to be happier than normal, due to the fact im trying a drug with such good reviews to clear acne! I have noticed significant differences within the first month and cant wait to see what the next months have to bring. – quite scared of moving up to a higher dose on tuesday but i suppose i cant be on 20mg throughout the whole course!

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