Just completed my 3rd week, week 4 begins tomorrow :)

I’ve been meaning to make a post here since the very start, but I guess I got distracted xD Time has gone surprisingly quickly since I started Roaccutane, not much has really changed since starting it but I wasn’t really expecting it to :) I’m currently on 40mg a day.

So week one went without any problems, I had just come off the medication I was on before Roaccutane so I guess that’s why I didn’t have an initial breakout straight away. The first signs of dryness began to show by the end of this week however, as well as some lower back pain. No real changes in my skin were evident at this time. For dryness I’ve been using a combination of Dermol 500 in the shower and a few of simple’s moisturisers – they seem to be doing the trick :) For my lips I’ve been using good ol’ Blistex.

Week two is when it all began to kick off for me side effect wise – My skin became quite flaky and my eyes felt really gritty at times, but this got better quite quickly. During this week my lips bled a few times and I had two mild nosebleeds – and this was also the week of the dreaded initial breakout! I got around 13 large, red lumps under the skin running from my temple on both sides of my face, to my cheeks and then my jawline, particularly right below the ear by the corner of the jaw. I had never really had any acne near or around my chin, but I got a few tiny white heads there. They hung around for quite a while, and most of them eventually came to to a head and went away – others are still here but are “dying” for want of a better word xD

Week three has been mainly much of the same, but the breakout has been healing up. I’m noticing that I’m still getting more acne than I used to pre-roaccuatane, but I guess that’s normal :) As I’m writing this, I have a total of 5 “actives” of my face, with one of them being quite an annoying cyst on my right temple.

I’m really interested to see how this goes and how my body reacts. I’ve noticed that I no longer wake up with oil on my face, so I guess that’s progress :P I’m gonna post in here weekly I think, so thank you all for your support :) Here’s to week 4!

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