Week 23 begins… 18 days to go!

Hello all, hope you’re doing well.

I’m starting week 23 today. Last week I ‘decided’ to extend my treatment by a month to clear some nasty spots that remain on my back. (touch wood) They seem to be clearing!

I’ve had two new weird spots, one on my chest, one on my shoulder, they’re quite big but flat, and drying out now. Otherwise not much action.

I was given another month at 40mg per day, but I’m resolute in my decision to take 60mg to get it done a bit quicker. I cannot describe how much I’ve had enough of Roaccutane, it’s affecting so much of my life and I’m so bored of thinking / talking about it.

No new side effects this week, although the dry patches / psoriasis like scales on my arms are back with a vengence, lips are outrageously dried, and I’m still in my glasses after the damage done to my eyes.

I could decide not to go back to my dermatologist and never have Roaccutane again. I think I’ll make an appointment in the next couple of days to get her opinion, but I will not be taking any further Roaccutane after 25th February!

Hope your courses are all going well. It’s amazing to have this outlet to vent my frustration and also know that there are others who ‘get it’.


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