5 weeks completed, start of week 6

Not much has happened this week surprisingly, my skin has been quite up and down. I’ve continued to break out but in less severity – and any acne that I am getting seems to heal up quite quickly. There’s still not enough evidence to suggest that things are getting better yet, but I know that will come with time :)

Had my next lot of blood drawn today, all went fine with no complications. I’m seeing my dermatologist in a weeks time, so I’ll be sure to write about how that goes – I’m hoping he bumps me up to 60mg, just so I can get the whole process done a bit quicker. Side effect wise, I’m definitely noticing my lips getting dryer, and also I have skin flaking on my ears and the end of my nose (bit embarrassing, but can often be sorted by carrying a moisturiser in my bag :) ). I also started to develop quite bad rashes that almost look like nettle stings on the backs of my hands, wrists and forearms. Thankfully I’ve got some cream that I use for my eczema which works like magic, so It’s quite easy to control. Also this week I’ve had quite a few bad headaches, which I know can be a side effect :/

A quick question I’d like to ask people: How long did your initial breakout last? I seem to have been breaking out pretty bad for about 4 weeks now, I know everyone’s different, but It gets quite a bit tedious :(

Before I sign off for this week, I’d just like to apologise to Vanessa for not replying to any of her posts, the work load I’m getting from sixth form is quite heavy at the moment so I’m sorry I haven’t had time to reply :( I really appreciate you commenting and giving me hope, so thank you :)

Here’s to week 6!

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