Week 10

Sorry I didn’t post last week, I moved up to 60mg on during the week so i thought it would be best to post once I was on an increased dosage :)

The good news is that I am 99% clear – and I’ve been this way for about a week :) From moving to 60mg from 40 I’ve noticed that my skin has become dryer and flakier – which is quite annoying as my normal moisturiser used to stop this :L

I haven’t had a nose bleed in about two weeks, and lips aren’t bad at all. I’ve noticed the rash on my arms flare up again, and it get’s quite painful and itchy but It usually goes back down.

I have about 7 weeks left of my course, unless my dermo wants to do another month (which I’m unclear about seeing as i’m more or less clear now – and also the fact that by the time i’ll be done i’ll have had a cumulative dose of 105mg/kg, which I know is not ideal :/)

Anyway, here’s to week 10 and beyond :)


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