I stopped taking the drug end of June last year and am now 4 weeks pregnant. has anyone been on the drug and been pregnant afterwards.  How safe is it.  Will my baby be ok?…read more »

Day 79

79 days, dry lips, cracked lips, dry nose, nose bleeds, dry itchy skin, fatigue, joint and muscle pain, horrendous break out and dry eyes – later and my skin is CLEAR!!!  I haven’t had a…read more »

Day 52

I thought i was on the road to recovery but alas. I’ve sprouted a cyst on my right cheek and numerous other whiteheads.  I was getting really excited there for a while.  A friend of…read more »

Day 43

There is a MAJOR  improvement with my face.  I think my initial break out is over.  Or it could just be the antibiotics my derma prescribed for me two weeks ago.  Whatever the case may…read more »

Day 29

I’m still suffering from the hideous initial break out.  Yesterday after washing my face my chin looked raw like hamburger meat – disgusting right.  But I must confess that I had been peeling off the…read more »

day 23

I’m 28 have had acne since I was 9. It wasnt so bad during the earlier years but during my twenties it became worse instead of disappearing.  I am currently on day 23 of iso.…read more »