Day 29

I’m still suffering from the hideous initial break out.  Yesterday after washing my face my chin looked raw like hamburger meat – disgusting right.  But I must confess that I had been peeling off the skin – bad habit i know.

Just when I was managing my dry lip condition the edges of my lips cracked.  Its painful to eat, laugh or talk and its so difficult to ignore.  I cant wait till all of this is over.  By the way does any one else wake up in the middle of the night to apply vaseline to their lips.  I find that I wake up four or so times a night just to apply vaseline to my lips.  Is this normal?

I’m going to see my dermatologist later on today.  After all the horrible things I’ve heard about upping of doses I hope he doesnt up my dose.  I’m already on 60mg a day, anymore than that and I dont think I could take the side effects.



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